Chai Pottery Studio photos showing Blessing Bowl creation process.

There is nothing more relaxing than a day throwing pots on the wheel! And what could be a better meditation on love than creating blessings and writing words like wisdom, kindness, compassion, forgiveness, clarity, integrity, serenity, delight… on each pot after it is painted!

Chai Blessing Bowls are hand thrown on the potter’s wheel and our platters are built from slabs of clay. As you can see from the photos, we have a small space and use it as efficiently and neatly as possible. There are many steps that go into making our bowls and platters. Each bowl or platter is handled over 20 times in the creation process.

13 Basic Steps in making Chai Blessing Pottery:

  • Pugging/preparing the clay.
  • Wedging the bowl on the wheel or rolling a slab out on the slab roller.
  • Forming the bowl or platter.
  • Allowing it to dry till leather hard.
  • Trimming the bowl, creating the foot. Adding feet to the platters.
  • Drying time on the shelves. Checking for problems and retrimming if necessary.
  • Sponging Bowls to remove throwing lines. Cleaning up platter edges.
  • Loading into kiln. Firing the first fire. Removing from kiln.
  • Smoothing bowls for painting.
  • Painting. Outlining. Creating the blessings and Writing on each piece.
  • Glazing each piece with a clear, food safe glaze.
  • Loading into Kiln. 2nd, final firing to aprox. 2,124 degrees. Kiln cooling. Unloading.
  • Checking each bowl. Putting 2nds into Empty Bowls pile. Good ones go onto shelves.



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