Is your pottery food safe?
Yes. We use non toxic, commercial under colors and glazes,
Is it dishwasher safe?
No. You can put it in the dishwasher but the extreme temperatures may cause crazing.
We suggest treating your bowl or platter like an art treasure. Taking the time to wash it, noticing the design and meditating on the words helps to open the heart center and brings the blessing into your life.
Is it oven safe?
Yes, if you let the bowl or platter heat up slowly in the oven and do not shock it from cold to extreme heat. Our porcelain pottery is fired to 2,248 degrees F so it can take the heat of your oven!
Do you buy the bowls and platters and paint them?
No. We know some of them look pretty similar in size and shape – that’s our attention to detail and years of pottery skill!

All of our round bowls are thrown on the potter’s wheel. Youngman makes the small ones and Julie makes the larger ones. Platters and trays are Youngman’s specialty, made using a slab roller. See our Studio photos.
Do you teach pottery, have bowls for people to come and paint, or do tours?
No. Sorry! We have a very small studio. Our storage and work space do not allow for this.
Do you paint custom pictures on the pottery?
No. But I’m always open to suggestions if you need us to alter a currently offered design.
Do you sell in stores?
Yes, but only locally at this time. Please click on “retail stores” for current information.
Are you looking to be in more retail stores? Do you want more wholesale business?
Not at this time. When you buy a bowl in a store, we receive 50% and the store receives 50% to cover their costs. But in order for us to make a living doing pottery, we must do art shows, and personalized Blessing Bowls where we receive your entire payment. However, make no mistake, we like our local stores, delight in our relationships with them and enjoy being easily accessible to locals and tourists looking for our work.

So we hope that when you find a Chai Pottery Blessing Bowl in a local store that you really like, you will purchase it and thank the store owner for carrying our work!
Can we visit your studio?
Of course! We love having visitors! Email or call us to set up a time to come out and I will email you directions to our studio.

Most people who come out to the studio are looking to pick out a special piece to have personalized, or pick out something off the shelf when they have not found what they want in the local stores.

Warning: If you want to come out during the winter, please have 4 wheel drive, all wheel drive and or really good snow tires.
Are prices at your studio the same as in the stores?
Yes! We do our best to keep prices in all stores the same.
Are your show prices the same as in your studio and the stores?
Yes, although we sometimes have specials and coupons offering discounts at the shows. You can receive these email coupons by signing up for our quarterly email newsletter. Coupons are sent in a separate email before the shows for ease of printing.

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